INSPECTOR robot for inspection and intervention. Is used for operations in urban terrain. It is a device designed primarily for work related to explosive ordinance disposal.

Due to its construction, the robot can also be used for inspection, various types of work in dangerous or risky areas or for demining with countercharges as well as for antiterrorist activities, scouting and reconnaissance.

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Technical data


171 x 67 x 114 cm (LxWxH)

Total mass

approx. 550 kg


up 1 km/h

Manipulator’s maximum lift

up 60 kg

Manipulator’s maximum range

200 cm (from the axis of rotation)

No. of degrees of freedom (manipulator)

5 + clamp of gripper

No. of robot’s cameras


Maximum battery operation time

up to 4 h

Drive system



Extended clamps for gripper
Wydłużony, wymienny chwytak
    • extended 32cm gripper jaws (Standard 12cm)
    • possibility to enlarge the gripping part by 8 cm through lowering it (12 instead of 4 cm)
    • weight [kg]: -2.4
Steering cable
Przewód sterowniczy
    • enables steering the robot without radio communication
    • supplies power to the robot
Disrupter adapter
Uchwyt do wyrzutnika
    • for CSL VULKAN disruptor when used with an adaptor, it also serves PROPARMS recoilless disruptors
    • weight [kg]: 3.4
    • dimensions [cm]: 14.5-24(W) x 14(H) x 11(L)
    • accessories:camera with IR illuminators for day and night visionlasers (2)safety switch
Device for breaking windows
Wybijak do szyb
    • car window breaker (spit)
Command wire
    • command wire for remote detonation of explosives
X-ray adapter
Uchwyt do RTG
    • holder for Golden Inspector device (model XR-200 X-ray generator) and for other types of X-ray devices
Control panel holder
Uchwyt do panelu sterowniczego
    • holder for mounting the control panel
    • material: epoxy laminate
Contamination sensors holder
Uchwyt do czujnika skażeń chemicznych
    • compatible with AP2C automatic device for chemical contamination identification
    • cutters for cutting wire and cable
Towing kit
    • line with a hook to tow a car
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