The device is designed to collect and store liquid samples of biological pollutants from ambient atmospheric air.

PIAP bio-vortex

Collected watered pollution sample can be transferred either to the sample container (included as a part of the device) or to an external analyzer. The container with a sealed sample can be gripped by a robotic manipulator, detached from the device and then transferred for further laboratory analysis. Easy and tool-free replacement of the contaminated device elements allows the device to collect several samples without a need for in-between decontamination. Easy and tool-free replacement of the silicone hose allows the device to collect several samples without a need for in-between decontamination.

ikona_pdf Accessories leaflets

Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )


356 x 266,4 x 178,6 [mm]

Device mass

4,9 [kg]

Set mass

15 [kg]

Operating parameters

  • battery life (continuous operation): up to 1 [h]
  • capacity of containers for neutral liquid and samples allows to collect up to 6 samples in a single mission
  • volume of one sample – approximately 20 [ml]
  • collection of pollutants from 1 [μm] of size
  • blower flow rate 500 [l/min]
  • sample acquisition time – 5 minutes by default during automatic operation, with an option to be interrupted and restarted manually at any time via the operator’s console or in-built user interface
  • protection class IP64

Set contains

device, transport case with in-built charger, power cable, microUSB cable, multitool, containers set, silicone hose

Additional accessories

silicone hose

Power supply

built-in battery or external source, eg. mobile robot

Charging method

wireless via transport case, wired via microUSB 5VDC

Method of transport on the robot

mounted on NATO accessory rail on the mobile base

Additional information

device is decontamination-ready; the housing includes LED interface indicating device statuses

We declare willingness to modify the vehicle and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.



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