Mobile Robot Operator Centre (MCOR) is a vehicle that can carry up to three mobile robots along with pyrotechnic equipment.

MCOR enables both the support and commanding of police operations.
The vehicle design incorporates a container on a truck chassis, provided with a hydraulic lift for loading larger robots and specialist equipment, and a separate group of luggage compartments.

The communication is supported by an antenna mast and the operations performed can be viewed by a vision system installed on the surveillance and lighting mast. There are three operator stations located inside the container for comfortable work of the robot operators and experts supporting the action. For the commander/radio operator, a separate place is provided to control all on-board systems, such as the communication, vision and power supply distribution systems. MCOR has basic sanitary facilities. The vehicle in such configuration can function completely independently, as an effective tool of a bomb squad team.

Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )

Gross vehicle weight

11 990 kg

Kerb weight

8 850 kg

Front axle permissible load

4 480 kg

Rear axle permissible load

8 480 kg


8 310 mm


2 550 mm


3 190 mm

Wheel base

4 310 mm

Minimum OD of the turning circle

15,7 m

Maximum speed

90 km/h

Acceleration time to 65 km/h

26,9 s

We declare willingness to modify the vehicle and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.


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