The Laboratory of Kinetic Processes (LKP) is a unit that does product research taking into account kinetic phenomena and ballistics.

LKP allows you to carry out strength and fatigue tests of parts, subassemblies, as well as of entire devices while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Research and development activities in the field of designing and building mobile robots, their accessories and special devices are carried out here.
The tests performed at LKP include:

  • endurance tests of components and accessories with the use of firearms and pyrotechnic disruptors;
  • the use of firearms, pneumatic and pyrotechnic devices on robotic platforms, as well as creating procedures for their use;
  • the use of materials and the development of the construction of devices in terms of response to excitations with significant dynamics;


The laboratory is equipped with a testing ground in the form of a fully-fledged shooting range enabling training with the use of mobile robots and firearms.

Constant monitoring, supervision, control and coordination can be carried out from a soundproof room of the control center separated by bulletproof walls. The shooting range has six shooting positions separated from each other with individual lighting. Steered disc conveyors are individually or collectively using tablets placed in positions.
The possibility of firing at an angle of 180 °, mobile bullet traps and rotating walls allow for tactical training and dynamic shooting. Independent and smooth control of each object lighting lamp allows you to program any lighting effects, including stroboscopic ones.

For the safety of users, the walls and ceiling of the shooting hall are tiled with anti-ricochet cladding and the entrance is secured with a bullet-proof door. An effective ventilation system equipped with an air supply wall and bullet catchers that filter the air in the shooting hall every 3 minutes and allows for its complete replacement every 6 minutes. The facility has received a positive technical opinion from the Military Institute of Armament Technology, confirming the possibility of safe firing with the use of ammunition with a maximum initial projectile energy of 3600J.

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