Following deliveries of PIAP GRYF® robots to Indonesia and South Korea

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In the first quarter of 2017 PIAP delivered PIAP GRYF® robots for the South Korean and Indonesian armed forces.

PIAP GRYF® robots dedicated for Indonesian Army have additional equipment such as Freeze Neutralising Kit (FNK) and fiber optic winder. By using special holder, robots will be able to work with FNK device that freezes any suspicious object with liquid nitrogen preventing the explosion. The automatic fiber winder will allow the robot to operate even in the case of strong radio interference up to 300 meters.

PIAP GRYF® robot for South Korean market is equipped with 16 accessories, including: shotgun and disrupter holders, main for remote detonation of explosives, device for breaking windows, cable cutter and drilling system.  Those tools are automatically collected from the so-called tool bank mounted on robot’s mobile base.

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