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The PIAP Institute in a consortium with the company Zeszuta Sp. z o.o. has completed the delivery of 3 sets of platform container for transportation of CBRN agents with the robot. The purchased equipment will be used by the Specialist Rescue Groups for Chemical and Ecological State Fire Brigade in Warsaw, Katowice and Poznań.

Each of the delivered sets consists: a heavy chemical reconnaissance robot (IBIS® mobile robot) with a set of CBRN accessories, a multifunctional PIAP MULTISTRIKER® device, containers for transporting radioactive materials, a portable X-ray device and a pick-up vehicle.

This is the first heavy robot in the State Fire Brigade, specially adapted to conduct reconnaissance activities and counteract CBRN threats (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear).

Robots will support the SFB groups in carrying out rescue operations necessary to reduce or the disposal of direct hazards posed by substances dangerous to people, animals, the environment and property.

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