Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements – PIAP, “Sprzymierzeni” Foundation and The National Defence University of Warsaw – AON, have the honour to invite you to a two-day international seminar „Robots for Special Operations – Applications, Problems and Perspectives’”

The aim of this seminar is to initiate a standing forum for sharing experiences between:

-national and international users of robots for special applications: Army,  Police, Border Guards, Fire Fighters, Special Forces and others;
-specialists, EXPERTs, analysts representing main research centres and academias;
-authorities and decision-makers.

The content of the seminar will focus both on practical aspects of robots applications for security, as well as the theoretical and research issues:

-current state and prospects for development of technical and tactical aspects of mobile robotics and unmanned vehicles;
-current and anticipated threats and methods to combat them;
-economic, legal and ethical issues related to the usage of robotic devices;
-practical experiences of the users of robots and unmanned vehicles.

More information about seminar:

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