Ł-PIAP at NATO EOD Demonstrations & Trials 2021

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The leading theme of the 2021 year’s event is “Technological innovations influencing future EOD and related capabilities” as a challenge for NATO and Partners Subject Matter EXPERTs (SMEs) coming from various EOD and related domains, academia, industry and other organizations involved in the fight against terrorism. Bringing together all these vital security providers is considered a recipe for success of NATO Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work (DAT POW).

NATO EOD Demonstrations and Trials series is organised every two years under the auspices of the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division. The main goal of the event is to exchange information on new developments and trends in the EOD/C-IED/MILENG area as well as related technology and equipment. The event is organized for EXPERTs from military and industry and features a highly relevant conference, seminar, static exhibition and live demonstrations and trials. It has become a great tradition that helps the entire EOD community to better understand each other by exchanging their views and getting an opportunity to discuss and analyse existing gaps in the EOD field.

NATO EOD Demonstrations and Trials is sponsored by the NATO Emerging Security Challenging Division through DAT POW and had become a desirable cyclic event.

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