Next deliveries of robots PIAP GRYF® and TRM® for Police Headquarters completed!

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We completed subsequent deliveries of robots PIAP GRYF® (3 sets) and TRM® (2 sets) to the Police Headquarters on the 14th  and 15th of December 2016.

Robots PIAP GRYF® will support the work of the police bomb squads with the recognition and neutralization of dangerous goods. Supplied with the robot accessories enables its collaboration with X-ray devices, disrupters and rifles. Robots were also equipped with a set of accessories  enhancing their utility and consisting of: window breaking device, scissors for cutting wires and tires puncture knife. The said accessories are installed on a dedicated tool bank and may be automatically collected by robot’s manipulator.

TRM® robots will be used for audio-visiual reconnaissance  within buildings and opean areas during operations in inaccessible and dangerous environment. The robots are also equipped with a device to trigger flash-bang and smoke grenades. The robots can operate in different lighting conditions. The operator has the ability to control the intensity of light emitted by the withe light and IR illuminators. Operation’s video and sound may be stored due to an integrated SD card recorder. From one control panel operator may simultaneously steer with up to three  TRM® robots.

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