PIAP EXPLORER® is a device designed to inspect dangerous objects, hard-to-reach places, car chassis, ventilation shafts, sewage wells, and other technical objects and assist in identification during anti-terrorist operations.

The new version of the device is equipped with a mobile color digital camera with autofocus to send video signals in HD resolution and take pictures.up to 5 megapixels. Modifications were also made to the drive system, so that the mobile camera module is much lighter and has smaller external dimensions. The compact design and articulated gooseneck jib tip on which the camera is mounted make it possible to inspect even more difficult spaces.

In addition to the mobile camera, the display module has the ability to directly connect a small endoscope camera with integrated LED illuminators, with a diameter of 5.5 mm, which, thanks to the waterproof IP67 design, can be immersed at depths up to 1m.

The display unit is based on a touch screen phone that allows you to control all your device settings, video recording, photo takingand wireless transmission of the camera image to other devices (streaming).

ScreenSuper AMOLED technology with high brightness and QHD resolution is perfect for open areas even in high sunshine.

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Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )

Battery life (continuous operation)

approx. 4 h (depending on the settings of the display module)

Boom with moving camera short version

from 1.1m to 1.9m continuously adjustable weight 1.8kg


Boom with moving camera version long in the unfolded state

4.8m in a folded state 1.9m, weight 2.1 kg


Boom with movable version

length 1.9m to 2.8m, continuous adjustment, folded 1.3m, weight 2.6kg


Display module with endoscope camera

weight 0.6kg


Display size (diagonal)


Operating temperature

-15°C up to +40°C

IP Code of the elements: 1) Mobile camera  2) Endoscopic camera  3) Display module

1) IP54; 2) IP67,immersion in water to a depth of 1m; 3) IP54

Boom changeover without the use of tools


Possibility of mounting the display module on a boom, forearm or neck holder

In addition, the camera can be controlled using a hardware joystick in the handle.



Set of chargers
  • stationary and car chargers for Explorer device
Tranportation case
  • ensures appropriate storage of the device and minimizes the risk of equipment damage, in particular of the camera and display
Video recorder
th_! Video Recorder 2
  • digital recorder for recording image obtained from the EXPLORER device (also serves as a traditional, digital video camera)

We declare willingness to modify the device and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.





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