PIAP FENIX® is a light, backpack-deployed reconnaissance robot. It has been created to conduct reconnaissance in the immediate vicinity of military operations, including places inaccessible to humans.

Excellent field properties of PIAP FENIX® robot (track-wheels chassis with moveable front flippers) ensure easy movement on hardened road surface, dirt roads, pathless tracts and in urban areas.

 PIAP FENIX Leaflet 1,2 MB

Technical data

Mobile base

rigid and lightweight carbon composite construction

Dimensions of the robot without antennas and front flippers

60x50x19 cm (LxWxH)

Weight of the robot without manipulator

15 kg

Weight of the robot with manipulator

20 kg

Range in open field

800 m

Operational work time (depending on the type of mission, possibility of quick battery replacement)

around 6 h

Maximum speed

10 km/h

Battery with an option of replacement without tools

2 pcs.


track-wheels, with movable front flippers

Maximum horizontal range of the manipulator (from the end of the mobile base)

100 cm

Maximum lift capacity of the manipulator

5 kg

Clamp opening range

16 cm

Number of controlled degrees of freedom

3 + clamp of gripper

Number of degrees of freedom operated manually



Mounted on Picatinny rails or on mounting holes of the mobile base or manipulator.


Advanced manipulator with 5 degrees of freedom

PTZ camera heads

Camera heads equipped with night vision and thermal imaging


Directional characteristic microphone

Additional illuminators
CBRN sensors
Handle for explosives trace detector (MO-2M)
  • compatible with  MO-2M sensor
Additional batteries and chargers
Backpack to transport the robot
  • Makes easier carrying the robot with accessories
CBRN accessories
  • Environmental swab
  • Ground sampler
  • Forensic samplers set
  • SPME adsorber
  • R – Sensor (integrated EKO-C)
Multifunctional pyrotechnic device PIAP MULTISTRIKER
  • Knocking windows, knocking holes in surfaces and lock fittings or other small parts(the principle of „pile driver”)
  • Piercing objects, e.g. tires
  • Breaking hinges
  • Cutting metal rods, cables, wires, chains, tubes
  • Cutting off elements
  • Initiating non-electric detonators such as STS, NDS, NONELBasic operating tips:– Cutter for cable, wire and rod;– Punches for windows and other components;– Triggers to initiate explosion with non-electric detonation systems– Cutters (knives and blades)– Possibility of designing tips for specific needs of the user
Diagnostic device
  • for detection of errors and faults in the robot
  • for changing settings and configuration of the robot
  • accessories and SVGA connector

We declare willingness to modify the robot and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.




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