PIAP MULTISTRIKER® multifunctional pyrotechnic device is used to carry out tasks supporting the actions of pyrotechnic, shock and engineering units. it is designed for use wherever the need is to apply high energy in a short time to achieve the desired effect.

Key applications include:
• Nocking windows, knocking holes in surfaces and lock fittings or other small parts
• Piercing objects, e.g. tires
• Breaking hinges
• Cutting metal rods, cables, wires, chains, tubes
• Cutting off elements
• Initiating non-electric detonators such as STS, NDS, NONEL

PIAP MULTISTRIKER® can be used on a tripod, triggered by a dedicated remote control or as an accessory mounted on all mobile robots produced by PIAP and released from their control panels.

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Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )

Minimum dimensions (length x width x height)

38 x 9 x 15 cm

Maximum dimensions (length x width x height)

46 x 12 x 20 cm

Weight (dependent on the completion)

4 – 5 kg

Mechanism protection class


Control system protection class


Theoretical rate of fire

12 rds./min

Practical rate of fire

6 rds./min

Number of shots (dependent on option)

6 – 10

Operating temperature

-30˚C ÷ +50˚C

We declare willingness to modify the device and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.



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