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Logos Imaging’s STENÓS is our lightest, and most rugged large format DR imaging system. We were the fi rst to introduce a glass-free DR imager to the security market with the 6”x9” PRÓTOS, we followed with the 12”x12” XIRÓS, and now the 14”x17” STENÓS further continues Logos Imaging’s commitment to the leading edge of DR imaging design.
The panel also off ers the advantages of built in wireless communications and a removable battery that provides six hours of operation for situations where ultra-portability and 100 m wireless communications are desirable.

The STENÓS glass-free design allows for the smallest borders of any 14×17 DR imager in the market at just 3 mm on one side.
Coupled with the IP67 rated enclosure, this allows the STENÓS to stand apart from the 14”x17” competition in durability. This design provides users an undeniable advantage over competitive systems by providing a solution that stands up to the environmental challenges faced in real-world scenarios and by
allowing nearly ground level imaging to be sure the threats are visible.
In full wireless confi guration, the STENÓS system in a backpack weighs under 22 lb (10 kg). In this confi guration, users can quickly assess items using the panel’s internal wireless communication and a MAKRINÓS wireless X-ray trigger.

In environments where wireless communication is acceptable, the entire imaging system consists of only a fl at panel detector,
an operating PC, LIA Security software, carrying case, wireless control device, and a Golden Engineering Source. In full wireless mode, the STENÓS can operate for up to six hours on a single battery charge. The system includes two batteries for a total of up to twelve hours of operation on a single battery charge
(additional batteries can be purchased to extend run time). With a wireless range of 100 m* users can work safely in almost any environment.

• IP67
• 3 mm Bottom Border
• High Resolution and Sensitivity, 140 μm Pixel Size, 3.5 lp/mm
• Glass-Free

Common Applications for the STENÓS
DR System:
• Forensics
• Customs
• Border Protection
• Event Security


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S T E N Ó S   D R   S Y S T E M


Amorphous Silicon with TFT, Scintillator Gadox

Pixel Area

350 x 427 mm

Pixel Matrix

2560 x 3072 pikseli

Pixel Size

140 μm

AD Conversion

16 bites

Communications Interface and range

Wireless IEEE 802.11ac, wired LAN. Wireless up to 150 m with longrange wireless option* . Wired option 15 m to 200 m

Operating Temperature

 -20oC to +50 st.C
– 4° to 122°F


4.3 kg

Dimensions (Panel)

402,5 x 460 x 15 mm, 15.8” x 18.1” x 0.6”

PC Specs (Minimum)

Core i7 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard
disk, 14” 1600 x 900 display, Windows 7

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