The device allows omni-directional measurement of gamma dose absorbed in the air and it was designed to be used as a detector-meter during the incidents where ionizing radiation is or may be involved.

Information from the radiometric sensor is transmitted in real time to the operator’s console. The device can be operated remotely from the operator’s console or manually via touch user interface.

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Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )


240 x 60 x 80 [mm]

Device mass

0,7 [kg]

Set mass

4 [kg]

Integrated detector

Polon-Alfa ZR-1 Radiometer

Operating parameters

  • measuring range of the dose absorbed 1 [µGy/h] – 10 [Gy/h]
  • measuring range of absorbed dose 10 [µGy] – 20 [Gy]
  • uneven distribution of energy performance in the field of energy 80 [keV] – 1,25 [MeV] +/- 30%
  • accuracy of dose rate and dose energy measurement 661[ keV] +/-15%

Set contains

device, transport case with in-built charger, power cable, microUSB cable

Power supply

built-in battery

Charging method

wireless via transport case, wired via microUSB 5VDC

Method of transport on the robot

mounted to NATO accessory rail on the mobile base

Additional information

device is decontamination-ready; the housing includes LED interface indicating device statuses

We declare willingness to modify the vehicle and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.



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