C-IED and CBRN robot

PIAP PATROL® is a medium EOD tracked robot used for detection and neutralization, which can support operators in the most dangerous tasks.

The robot design ensures the use of several accessories at the same time. Lightweight robot control panel is integrated with mobile x-ray systems and CBRN sensors. Robot’s dimensions and applied drive system allow to carry out activities both inside buildings and in difficult terrain and compactand modular design allows it to be transported even in a passenger car.

Manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom and gripping function enables to lift and disposal loads up to 22 kg with maximum reach of 2 m.

  PIAP PATROL® leaflet


( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )

Dimensions in stowed position:

98 x 57 x 65 cm (length x width x height)

Weight (without accessories) of the robot with manipulator and battery

95 kg

Maximum Speed

8 km/h.

Operating time (mission-dependent, possibility of quick battery replacement)

5 h

Maximum radio transmission range in open area

800 m

Maximum lift capacity

fully extended at the front: 7 kg
close-in at the front: 22 kg

Maximum reach, horizontal – from the vertical rotation axis

1940 mm

Maximum reach, vertical – from the lower edge of the tracks

2170 mm


Handle for recoilless disrupter (CSL Vulkan) with a camera and laser pointers

– camera with IR illuminators for day and night vision – weight [kg]: 2.1,
– lasers (2 pcs.),
– safety switch,

  • weight:[kg]: 2,1
  • dimensions [cm]: 12-20.5(W) x 14(H) x 11(L)
Handle for shotgun with a camera and collimator sight
  • enables mounting a Benelli M4 Super 90 rifle
  • equipped with laser sight, accessories connector and safety switch
  • materials: steel + aluminium
  • weight [ kg]: 3
  • dimensions [cm]: 68(L) x 24(H) x 10.5(W)
Handles for X-ray
  • PIAP RMI robot works with an X-ray device with dispensable screens
  • adapter for X-ray device is composed of:
    – adapter to mount the device in the gripper
    – telescopic boom
    – screen holder
    – radiation generator holder
Handle for explosives trace detector
Handle for chemical and radiation contamination sensor
Interchangeable jaws shaped
Passive fibre optic winder up to 300 m
  • uenables steering the robot without radio communication
  • essential for connecting the repeater
  • the passive fibre optic cable winder set consists of:
    – body
    – crank
    – short fibre optic cable
    – long fibre optic cable (on the reel)
    – RIS rail holders
  • weight [kg]: 3.1
  • dimensions [cm]: 21(L) x 25(W) x 28(H)
  • technical specification of the fibre optic:
    – minimum bending radius: 25mm
    – maximum tensile force: 300N (30.5 kg)
  • Available length: [m]: 150, 300
Active fibre optic winder up to 300 m
  • enables steering the robot without radio communication
  • cable length: up to 300m
  • weight [kg]: 6.15
  • dimensions [cm]: 28(L) x 23(W) x 24(H)
Main for remote detonation of explosives
  • for remote detonation of the explosives
Set of external antennae

enables remote location of antennae

Negotiation kit (requires fibre optic control)
  • PIAP RMI works with a negotiation kit which consists of:
    two microphones and one loudspeaker installed on the mobile base and a microphone connected to the control panel
  • Negotiation kit requires fibre optic remote control
Spare battery for the control panel
    • additional battery for the control panel
Spare battery for the mobile base
    • additional battery for the mobile base
AC power adapter for control panel 110 V - 230 V
      • Enables continuous work of the control panel, while connecting to power source
        łączenia do źródła prądu
Device for breaking Windows
      • the device works automatically and requires no other action from the operator
      • the breaker consists of a the bolt terminated with sintered carbide and an inner hammer system. The housing allows the device to be held with gripper jaws.
Transport basket
    • metal transport basket for safe transport of heavy loads
CBRN accessories
      • Environmental swab
      • Ground sampler
      • Forensic samplers set
      • SPME adsorber
      • R – Sensor (integrated EKO-C)
Multifunctional pyrotechnic device PIAP MULTISTRIKER
      • Knocking windows, knocking holes in surfaces and lock fittings or other small parts
        (the principle of „pile driver”)
      • Piercing objects, e.g. tires
      • Breaking hinges
      • Cutting metal rods, cables, wires, chains, tubes
      • Cutting off elements
      • Initiating non-electric detonators such as STS, NDS, NONEL
      • Basic operating tips:
        – Cutter for cable, wire and rod;
        – Punches for windows and other components;
        – Triggers to initiate explosion with non-electric detonation systems
        – Cutters (knives and blades)- Possibility of designing tips for specific needs of the user
Diagnostic device
      • for detection of errors and faults in the robot
      • for changing settings and configuration of the robot
      • accessories and SVGA connector

We declare willingness to modify the robot and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.





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