PIAP IBIS is a mobile robot designed for pyrotechnic operations and reconnaissance


IBIS® is a robot designed for pyrotechnic operations and reconnaissance. Upon installation of additional devices, it can be used, among others, for disposal of dangerous objects, chemical detection and rescue operations.

Six-wheeled chassis with independent drive of each wheel allows to operate in challenging and varied terrain. IBIS® is a fast robot (10 km/h). Special design of mobile base suspension ensures optimum wheel contact with the ground. Manipulator with extendable arm ensures a large reach (over three meters) and a high range of motion in each plane.

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Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )


135 x 88 x 125 cm (LxWxH)

Total mass

320 kg


up to 10 km/h

Manipulator’s maximum lift

up to 50 kg

Manipulator’s maximum range

3,3 m

No. of degrees of freedom (manipulator)

6 + clamp of gripper

No. of robot’s cameras


Maximum battery operation time

approx. 4 hours (mission dependent)

Drive system



Handle for recoilless disrupter (CSL Vulkan) with a camera and laser pointers

– camera with IR illuminators for day and night vision – weight [kg]: 2.1,
– lasers (2 pcs.),
– safety switch,

  • weight:[kg]: 2,1
  • dimensions [cm]: 12-20.5(W) x 14(H) x 11(L)
Handle for shotgun with a camera and collimator sight
  • enables mounting a Benelli M4 Super 90 rifle
  • equipped with laser sight, accessories connector and safety switch
  • materials: steel + aluminium
  • weight [ kg]: 3
  • dimensions [cm]: 68(L) x 24(H) x 10.5(W)
Handles for X-ray
  • IBIS robot works with an X-ray device with dispensable screens
  • adapter for X-ray device is composed of:
    – adapter to mount the device in the gripper
    – telescopic boom
    – screen holder
    – radiation generator holder
Handle for explosives trace detector
Handle for chemical and radiation contamination sensor
  • compatible with AP2C sensor
Interchangeable jaws shaped
Interchangeable jaws extended
Interchangeable jaws for oversized luggage
Passive fibre optic winder up to 300 m
  • uenables steering the robot without radio communication
  • essential for connecting the repeater
  • the passive fibre optic cable winder set consists of:
    – body
    – crank
    – short fibre optic cable
    – long fibre optic cable (on the reel)
    – RIS rail holders
  • weight [kg]: 3.1
  • dimensions [cm]: 21(L) x 25(W) x 28(H)
  • technical specification of the fibre optic:
    – minimum bending radius: 25mm
    – maximum tensile force: 300N (30.5 kg)
  • Available length: [m]: 150, 300
Active fibre optic winder up to 300 m
  • enables steering the robot without radio communication
  • cable length: up to 300m
  • weight [kg]: 6.15
  • dimensions [cm]: 28(L) x 23(W) x 24(H)
Main for remote detonation of explosives
  • for remote detonation of the explosives
Set of external antennae

enables remote location of antennae

Negotiation kit (requires fibre optic control)
  • IBIS works with a negotiation kit which consists of:
    two microphones and one loudspeaker installed on the mobile base and a microphone connected to the control panel
  • Negotiation kit requires fibre optic remote control
Digital audio/video recorder

Digital recorder for recording image obtained from the robot

Hydraulic cutters


Fire nozzle / Water cannon
Remote control - small control panel
  • small steering panel
  • internal battery (charger 230v)
  • weight [kg]: 0.43
  • dimensions [cm]: 16.5(L) x 11(W) x 3.5 [+3.5 joysticks] (H)
  • range: [m]: 10 (in the open area)
  • operating time: estimated at min. 1h
Spare battery for the control panel
    • additional battery for the control panel


Spare battery for the mobile base
    • additional battery for the mobile base
AC power adapter for control panel 110 V - 230 V
      • Enables continuous work of the control panel, while connecting to power source
        łączenia do źródła prądu
Relay station
      • Doubles the operating capacity of the robot
      • Requires the installation of fibre optic cable or passive fibre optic winder.
Device for breaking Windows
      • the device works automatically and requires no other action from the operator
      • the breaker consists of a the bolt terminated with sintered carbide and an inner hammer system. The housing allows the device to be held with gripper jaws.
CBRN accessories
      • Environmental swab
      • Ground sampler
      • Forensic samplers set
      • SPME adsorber
      • R – Sensor (integrated EKO-C)
Multifunctional pyrotechnic device PIAP MULTISTRIKER
      • Knocking windows, knocking holes in surfaces and lock fittings or other small parts
        (the principle of „pile driver”)
      • Piercing objects, e.g. tires
      • Breaking hinges
      • Cutting metal rods, cables, wires, chains, tubes
      • Cutting off elements
      • Initiating non-electric detonators such as STS, NDS, NONEL
      • Basic operating tips:
        – Cutter for cable, wire and rod;
        – Punches for windows and other components;
        – Triggers to initiate explosion with non-electric detonation systems
        – Cutters (knives and blades)- Possibility of designing tips for specific needs of the user
Diagnostic device
      • for detection of errors and faults in the robot
      • for changing settings and configuration of the robot
      • accessories and SVGA connector
Night vision camera
      • enables vision at night
      • fixed near the gripper camera
      • power supply from the robot
      • remote turn off function located near the camera view switch
      • dimensions [cm]: 20(L) x 9 (H)
Towing kit
      • line with a hook to tow a car

We declare willingness to modify the robot and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.




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