CSL 50-40 VUL

The VULKAN Disrupter System is a 4th generation maxi modular, variable projectile mass, recoilless equipment.

It can be configured as:
• close Up De Armer using plain slug or chisel slug against UXB fuses,
• stand Off De Armer using spin stabilised plain slug at ranges up to 30m (100ft) against UXB fuses,
• close Up De Armer using blade projectile typically against pipe bombs and certain other IEDs,
• close Up Disrupter using either 200ml or 300ml of water in C-IED applications,
• stand-off disrupter using 200g spin stabilised frangible projectiles at ranges of up to 30m (100ft) and beyond in C-IED applications and in breaching/entry SWAT operations etc.

Unique features of the VULKAN include:
• 40 mm rifled barrel for stand-off applications,
• gas regulator which varies gas volume to the compensator permitting the system to be completely recoilless for projectiles masses of between 200 g and 300 g,
• powerful green lasers with enhanced safety features such as programmable time out. For safety Laser Sights feature automatic time-out and cannot be used independent of the turret and stand,
• lasers feature contra rotating prisms which make zeroing quick and easy,
• the VULKAN is constructed in either tempered stainless steel or tempered titanium in situations where a very lightweight system, is desirable. The canon in titanium is approximately half the weight of the stainless steel version.

Vulkan leaflet

Technical data

Weights & Dimensions

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )

Cannon fully loaded – stainless steel version

2,42 kg

Multi Position Stand on its own with Turret

5,34 kg

Cannon Loaded and ready for emplacement in Multi Position Stand

9,76 kg

Complete equipment in transit case including stand, inert consumables for ten firings and 3 off each projectile type

28 kg

Cannon overall length with 40 mm Rifled Barrel fitted, including Breech Plug

590 mm

Cannon overall length with Choked Water Barrel fitted, including Breech Plug

627 mm

Overall diameter across Compensator

80 mm

Transit Case dimensions

781 x 520 x 295 mm




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